I construct utopian worlds, flaunting excess and opulence through reanimating familiar subjects. My paintings often re-evaluate the historical tableau, presenting the female figure as artist, rather than the more traditional muse. This creates a counter narrative of women as both subject and author of the artwork. The image of the artist is dissected, as symbols of wealth, status and belief are placed within the studio setting, highlighting to the misconception of the artists ‘champagne life’, while reinforcing its elitist and exclusive nature.

I am interested in recording the process of painting itself. I often transfer palettes of mixed shades onto the final work, showing both the construction of representation and also abstraction through swatches of colour. These palette formations often differ by artist and become signatures of style.

I offset traditional modes of painting with more spontaneous methods of mark making, striking a balance between the historical and contemporary. I reshape and skew preconceived archetypal forms through a meticulous process of handmade collage. The works strike a balance between abstraction and realism, as the initial photographic reference is transformed by the application of paint.